Before & After: Eli Lilly & Co. Saves With LATISTA

Eli Lilly & Co. had to build a $400-million, 158,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant in Ireland. In the past, Lilly knew some projects had suffered from delays in commissioning, late opening costs, and systems risk. These deficiencies had led to a poor quality of construction. Determined to prevent past faults from repeating themselves, Lilly harnessed LATISTA’s mobile and web-based platform to design a multi-dimensional Construction Quality Management (CQM) program that would ensure on-time delivery and adherence to the owner’s specifications. This CQM program allowed stakeholders to virtually monitor project progress and act as additional real-time quality control monitors.

LATISTA’s fully integrated system allowed Lilly to cut back on rework costs, delivery time, overall project cost and construction issues. In terms of rework, Lilly saved approximately 46% of their projected cost, conserving about $4.3 million in funds. In addition, the open communication facilitated by LATISTA resulted in any rework issues being addressed by contractors rather than Lilly itself.

irelandThe projected delivery time for the Ireland project was cut by a whopping 2.5 months due to the LATISTA based CQM program that Lilly implemented. Various issues that came up during construction that had the potential to create problems post-construction were identified using LATISTA’s signature rolling punch list system. In fact, only a mere 0.54% of 10,000 identified issues affected commissioning and qualification.