iPads, Tablets Take Construction Industry By Storm

A recent article on KomoNews details how the advent of tablet computing is taking the construction world by storm. From the university education of construction managers to the professional construction site, tablets are quickly becoming the standard. On the Boise State University’s campus, professors such as Casey Cline are requiring their construction management students to…


Latista Has Introduced Their Construction Field Management App to the iPhone

Latista has introduced their comprehensive construction field management app to the iPhone, complimenting its existing cloud and iPad app. Latista for iPhone has issues and document management capabilities used by capital project owners, general contractors and sub-contractors to reduce re-work, paper and delays.

Latista Technologies, the leader in field management solutions for construction, has introduced their new version 2.1 app to the iPhone. Latista for iPhone will have the same digital issue management tools already on the iPad. Latista for iPhone is available in the App Store for a free download and trial. Watch a demonstration on how the market-leading app improves communication between project team members.

According to a published ENR study, 50 percent of general contractors and 49 percent of sub-contractors use iPhones at construction sites. In Latista for iPhone, general contractors and sub-contractors will have the ability to manage quality, safety, punch lists and commissioning issues. Additionally, they will be able to access and markup documents from their iPhone.