Latista Case Studies

Major U.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

How to finish a $500-million pharma plant on time with high standards of quality: Start with a commitment to Total Quality Management Producing safe pharmaceuticals for consumers is a highly sensitive process. Pharmaceutical ingredients, including water and air, must meet the utmost standards for purity and cleanliness throughout manufacturing to prevent potentially dangerous contamination.


Davis Construction

DAVIS sought Latista software system to coordinate its safety and quality assurance processes, from scheduling inspections to generating deficiency report.


Large American Technology Provider

One large American technology provider and manufacturer selected Latista to automate the commissioning process on three datacenters ranging from $50 to $150 million. The Latista solution will allow the company to oversee the entire process, collaborate with contractors to ensure things go smoothly, and create a digital library of commissioning documents to use on future projects.