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Latista: Preventing Rework

Groundhog Day “Reworked”

  Sometimes it really feels like Groundhog Day. Not the annual reminder that winter is far from over, but the Bill Murray movie where he has to keep reliving the same day until he gets it right. Sound familiar? Each time I speak to a new project manager, superintendent or QC manager, I end the…

Latista Next Gen Jobsite Blog | How Much Does Your Pencil Cost You?

How Much Does Your Pencil Cost You?

I hear it all the time, “I can do it just as fast the way I’ve always done it – with paper and pencil.” And it’s true – you can. You can walk the building and make a list of the deficiencies. You’ve done it a thousand times, and you’ve got your way – your method – of getting all the QA/QC issues or punch list items down on paper. You might even have pictures, likely on your digital camera. Man, that was fast. There’s only one problem: You’re not done.


With Big Data, Come Big Responsibilities

  In a recent Constructech magazine article, the role of Big Data in the construction industry is examined.  In today’s multi-platform computing era, data management has become essential in most fields. Construction firms are rapidly adapting to paradigm shifting technologies such as building informational modeling (BIM) and mobile computing. However, data rates have been forecast to increase forty-four…


iPads, Tablets Take Construction Industry By Storm

A recent article on KomoNews details how the advent of tablet computing is taking the construction world by storm. From the university education of construction managers to the professional construction site, tablets are quickly becoming the standard. On the Boise State University’s campus, professors such as Casey Cline are requiring their construction management students to…


Before & After: Eli Lilly & Co. Saves With LATISTA

Eli Lilly & Co. had to build a $400-million, 158,000 sq. ft manufacturing plant in Ireland. In the past, Lilly knew some projects had suffered from delays in commissioning, late opening costs, and systems risk. These deficiencies had led to a poor quality of construction. Determined to prevent past faults from repeating themselves, Lilly harnessed LATISTA’s mobile and web-based platform to design a multi-dimensional Construction Quality Management (CQM) program that would ensure on-time delivery and adherence to the owner’s specifications. This CQM program allowed stakeholders to virtually monitor project progress and act as additional real-time quality control monitors.

LATISTA’s fully integrated system allowed Lilly to cut back on rework costs, delivery time, overall project cost and construction issues. In terms of rework, Lilly saved approximately 46% of their projected cost, conserving about $4.3 million in funds. In addition, the open communication facilitated by LATISTA resulted in any rework issues being addressed by contractors rather than Lilly itself.

irelandThe projected delivery time for the Ireland project was cut by a whopping 2.5 months due to the LATISTA based CQM program that Lilly implemented. Various issues that came up during construction that had the potential to create problems post-construction were identified using LATISTA’s signature rolling punch list system. In fact, only a mere 0.54% of 10,000 identified issues affected commissioning and qualification.


High Tech Data Centers Meet High Tech Field Management

Datacenters are essential in the modern world. Serving as hubs for informational storage and transmission for millions of companies worldwide, these datacenters are integral for enterprise success. Datacenter construction however, comes with its own unique challenges and complexities. Efficient construction is necessary to bring a datacenter online. Any delays may result in revenue paralysis for the many businesses relying on the datacenter to perform their daily operations.


Improving Quality Through Collaboration

Job to be Done: Manage Inspections to Identify As Many Issues As Possible; Then Manage Those Issues to Resolution

As the owner of large construction projects, your goal is to deliver a high quality facility compliant with the requirements in the contract and project plan.  Large field teams need to be deployed to inspect and ensure that your facilities are truly being built to meet these requirements.  From these inspections, ten of thousands of different types of issues need to be addressed by the extended project team that includes contractors, subcontractors, owner representatives, A&E, and other parties.

Collaboration of the project team around identifying and resolving issues in a timely manner is a huge job that is extremely difficult to manage.  It is common for unresolved or “open” issues to pile up toward the end of the project and deficiencies to be present at turnover.

quality through collaboration