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VTB Arena Project


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Re-purposing the Former Dynamo Moscow Stadium

VTB bank, one of the leading universal banks of Russia, is in the works of repurposing the former Dynamo Moscow stadium into an estimated 1.5-billion-dollar VTB Arena Park. The planned multi-purpose project is a modern combination of sports and entertainment right in the heart of Moscow, Russia. When completed the complex will include a football stadium with a capacity of 45,000, shopping and entertainment center, office buildings, apartment buildings, a 5-star hotel, and a 1,600 car-parking garage.

VTB bank selected EcoProg, the leading engineering company in Russia, for the reconstruction and relocation of external engineering systems within the reconstruction of Dynamo Stadium under the VTB Arena Park project. It’s the first stage of the large-scale project, to be followed by the development of engineering infrastructure. EcoProg was the first company in Russia to implement Latista mobile and cloud software.


Lack of Transparency for All Project Team Members

In the initial stage, EcoProg needed to relocate existing electrical utilities, water utilities, sewer utilities, and communication lines from the construction area of VTB arena. This was extensive work that needed consistent documentation. EcoProg identified the main challenge as a lack of proper insight and transparency with all project team members.

EcoProg executives and other project team members, including subcontractors, were all looking at different documents and different stages of the project. The team was not on the same page. “Managers did not know everything that was going on at the jobsite and everyone had their own opinion on what was going on,” according to Ilya Roshchupkin, IT manager at EcoProg.

Inefficiencies of Paper-Based Processes

Prior to Latista the team at EcoProg relied on paper reports and traditional spreadsheets to communicate and report issues to subcontractors. This previous process caused a delay getting the issues to the right subcontractors along with other inefficiencies that come along with paper-based processes, such as improper documentation. In such a complex project a lack of proper documentation on existing lines at the job site posed dangerous situations of cutting unmarked live services or penalties by the Russian Government.

These challenges subsequently “led to costly re-work, increased budget and delayed schedules,” added Roshchupkin. For the managers, it was difficult to manage and control the project and subcontractors without proper transparency into the project.


Transparency Throughout The Project

EcoProg wanted a solution that would put everyone on the same page, using the same software across the entire project and giving everyone the same insight into the project. EcoProg wanted to give all project team members access to the project using mobile and web access. “We wanted the managers and all subcontractors to use the same system for documentation and have it stored in one place, ” said Roshchupkin. They also wanted to give the owner VTB bank a good look into the project progression and quality management efforts.

Improved Communication with Subcontractors

Being able to communicate with the owners and the subcontractors quickly was critical to turnover a satisfactory project, “a system where we send out the deficiencies, have the subcontractors receive them and start fixing them issues right away,” Roshchupkin added. This sped up construction cycle times and reduced the potential for costly rework.

With Latista, Inspectors entered deficiencies into the Latista software using iPads and pre-loaded, standardized checklist and supporting documentation such as drawings and photos. Once synchronized with Latista Cloud, the system automatically created reports of issues and distributed them to defined recipients. Latista’s automated notifications of deficiencies ”helped reduce questions and confusion with subcontractors. The subs logged into Latista Web and they knew where and what the issue was and documented their correction. With Latista we had all necessary documents available to everyone in one place,” said Roshchupkin. Putting everyone on the same page helped improve communications and reduce the changes of delays.


Reduced Rework and Improved Project Management

Overall insight on the project helped EcoProg make better decisions, reduce rework and finish the project on time. Data collected in Latista gave executives more insight and transparency into the VTB Arena Park construction, due to the fact that they could instantly access up-to-date project information. Automated reporting sped cycle times and improved communications reducing the potential for costly rework. Finally, managers were able to assess the subcontractors’ performance and better manage them, finishing the project on time.

After using Latista on VTB arena Park project EcoProg implemented the program on their sports complex in Novogorsk, which is already in it’s first stage and using Latista. Latista made deficiency resolution and document management so much more efficient that the “EcoProg project team expects to use more of the system at Novogorsk,” said Roshchupkin.

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