Hoffman Construction Delivers Highest Quality on a $3B Chip Manufacturing Plant

Chip manufacturing plant

Transparency / Owner relationship

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Hoffman Construction used Latista software on $3B facility

An Industry leading chipmaker selected Latista to automate the quality and commissioning processes on their microchip plant and picked Hoffman Construction as their designated general contractor. Hoffman and the chipmaker company used Latista to oversee the entire quality and commissioning processes. The system was used to collaborate with all stakeholders ensuring reduced rework and an observed schedule. In Latista a complete set of digital electronic commissioning documents was created and managed for owner handover of the $3B facility.

According to David Drinkward, business systems manager at Hoffman, “we wanted to use an electronic process to better manage quality and commissioning, Latista was the answer. With Latista we got the right people what they needed when they needed it.”

Commissioning is a challenging process for chip manufacturing projects, because there are many unique pieces of sensitive equipment and major supporting systems that need to be installed and tested. Latista’s quality and electronic commissioning solution allowed the team members to create a library of electronic commissioning forms and conduct tests and inspections in the field. The solution also allowed them to create, manage and close all quality issues. Lastly, automated workflows and detailed reporting sped up the processes, enabling better project collaboration and providing transparency to the owner.


A higher chance of miscommunication and delays from using paper based processes

The owner and Hoffman needed a great communication system to make sure all project members were on the same page, from the owner to the subcontractors (subs). On this job there were more than 500 managers and trades working at any given time. “Before Latista, it was a lot of typing and re-typing of data, which created a great chance for miscommunication, mistakes and delays,” said Pat Ward, commissioning manager at Hoffman. The system needed to be available on mobile devices so inspectors could use it in the field and it needed to be web-based so the facility owner could access data and reports from their own offices.

The project needed a unified electronic process for their commissioning forms instead of using paper. With more than a dozen commissioning steps per piece of equipment and more than ten thousand pieces of equipment to be commissioned plus thousands of quality issues to be closed, “we wanted Inspectors to have everything in one device, one program and not have to spend time chasing paper folders or re-entering data,” added Ward.


All project stakeholders on the same page and better transparency

Latista’s web-based and mobile platform allowed users in the office to access project information that was created by users in the field, putting all parties involved on the same page. “With Latista the owner had transparency of what was going on and that was a big win,” said Drinkward. Hoffman was able to instantly communicate with subs and virtually saw where the subs were with their progress.

With Latista’s central repository all parties with permission could securely access documents. Latista’s unique color-coded commissioning status dashboard showed the commissioning process by system, equipment and stages, allowing the commissioning team better control over the project. Latista allowed the project team to manage tens of thousands of electronic commissioning forms and documents for an ultimate handover to the owner. The owner gained confidence in knowing that all completed inspections and related paperwork were in one place, speeding approval of systems handover.

The system also allowed Hoffman to better stay on schedule by leveraging the Oracle Primavera integration. Schedules were imported into Latista and updated with actual commissioning step completion dates then exported into Primavera. This aligned the commissioning and overall project schedule enabling better overall management of the project.


All project stakeholders on the same page and better transparency

With the availability of Latista on mobile devices, inspectors were more productive because they completed more inspections, logged deficiencies faster and created reports instantly. The digital entry of data on electronic forms saved Hoffman time from retyping the commissioning test data and it also stored the information in a searchable database for access by team members and owner representatives.

Hoffman-owner relationship was improved by the transparency that Latista enabled throughout the entire project. Collaboration and transparency was a specific goal for the project stakeholders. They had a well-designed process they wanted used on the project and keeping all information and communication in Latista’s central software system made that a reality, “everything was in one place and everyone could see the progress in the field and at the office,” added Ward. He also believed that the use of electronic commissioning forms allowed Hoffman to finish the $3B facility ahead of schedule.

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