Technology Giant Automates Commissioning To Improve Datacenter Speed To Market






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One large American technology provider and manufacturer selected Latista to automate the commissioning process on three datacenters ranging from $50 to $150 million. The Latista solution will allow the company to oversee the entire process, collaborate with contractors to ensure things go smoothly, and create a digital library of commissioning documents to use on future projects. As they construct future datacenters, the company will further expand their implementation into quality (QA/QC).


Latista’s web-based and mobile platform allows users to access project information created in the field from the corporate headquarters, no matter how remote the jobsite is. Color-coded statusing show the stages of the commissioning process, allowing the company’s commissioning experts transparency. They can access individual forms and tests to analyze problems and provide guidance from anywhere. Currently they have five levels of commissioning checks:

1) Prefactory Test
2) Factory Test
3) Installation
4) Contractor Startup
5) Startup

This collaboration and transparency was a specific goal for the datacenter’s owner. They had a well-designed process they wanted used on all projects, and keeping all information and communications in Latista’s central software system made that a reality. Forms and workflows created in Latista can be used on future projects as well, reducing the amount of time needed to establish a quality or commissioning process. Improving the commissioning process on this and future projects will also improve the company’s time to market for datacenters. As the back-and-forth communications of commissioning speeds up, contractors will be able to respond to quality and commissioning issues sooner. When all systems and equipment have been checked and the datacenter goes through startup, there will be fewer problems, less downtime, and more profitability.

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