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Moskapstroy Implements Latista’s Innovative Quality Solution on Skolkovo and Beskudnikovo Projects to Spare 50% of Rework Costs
New Solution for Construction Quality Management

15 users, including all parties involved in 2 selected projects, with 4 Moskapstroy inspectors among them, are testing Latista web-based and mobile system to gain experience in discovering and resolving deficiencies during construction and are getting ready to apply it to other Moskapstroy projects.

Improve Technical Supervision Quality

JSC “Moskapstroy” is a Moscow based construction engineering company, the former General Directorate of Moscow City capital construction. It has about 25 subsidiaries and supervises approximately 60% of all construction, restoration and renovation works in Moscow.

Serving as technical supervising authority in numerous federal, municipal and private construction projects, Moskapstroy needed a scalable software and methodological solution to help ensure construction quality and safety, to control works schedule on remote jobsites, and to resolve all new issues in the shortest possible time involving few specialists.
Innovative Solution for “Mass” Construction Projects

Being engaged in multiple projects of residential construction that may be represented by a typical residential area Beskudnikovo, Moskapstroy became the general contractor of Skolkovo infrastructure. Both projects have the same challenge — lots of typical issues that have to be fixed during construction:

Residential area Beskudnikovo, containing 4 multistory apartment blocks:

Apartment blocks, schools and hospitals form typical municipal construction order. Moskapstroy supervises dozens of such “mass” construction projects. All possible deficiencies in such projects are well- known and even can be predicted. That’s why a flexible solution is necessary to automate technical supervision and quality control, reducing time and cost.

Engineering infrastructure of Skolkovo Innovation Center, going dozens of miles long.

Engineering infrastructure of any project implies construction of highways, electricity distribution systems, water collection, storage and distribution systems, wastewater disposal systems, etc. Due to their extended length and tight schedule, lots and lots of deficiencies may arise that must be corrected before rework is necessary. Alongside with commitment to quality, the speed of issue handling is critical here.

Moskapstroy usually spends for rework about 5-10% over the project budget. That is why new solution should eliminate or significantly reduce costly rework.

Optimized Quality Control

Latista assumes implementation at the very beginning of every project (project documentation phase), which makes possible to quickly correct all project deficiencies. Software solution is fully customizable to meet the needs of individual customers and projects. Latista has simple and user friendly interface. It is easy to learn and use. Moskapstroy implemented Latista software and adapted its CQM program for the two pilot projects.

Latista mobile and web-based solution perfectly fitted onsite using. It allowed supervisors to conduct inspections and monitor quality without comfortable office conditions.

New CQM Workflow

Latista simplified the whole process of construction quality control: from new issues registration through tracking and reporting. The system is rather simple and works in the following way. Inspector goes to the jobsite with a mobile tablet PC, loads a predefined checklist for the project or particular inspection and enters deficiencies into Latista database, attaching photos, drawings and comments. Once synchronized using Wi-Fi or cable connection with the central server, the system automatically generates issues reports and distributes them to subcontractors and quality- conscious parties of the project via e-mail. All issues remain open in Latista database, until corrected and checked.

Having received deficiency lists, subcontractors correct them and update their statuses in Latista. Quality managers of contractor also have access to Latista and track issue statuses via graphical dashboard.

The system stores all data related to the project: project documentation, mailing history, plans, drawings, inspection lists, issues photos, notes, etc. Thanks to Latista, inspectors always have up-to-date project database at hand and can perform their duties quickly and effectively.

The system automatically generates various reports that help evaluate current workflow for the particular project and reflect progress and quality statistics. Moskapstroy appointed a separate employee to distribute reports, so all subcontractors know the person to contact directly with any questions. This way numerous issue reports became easily managed for a couple of big construction projects, engaging only a few qualified specialists.

Moskapstroy Plans

Moskapstroy expects to save with Latista up to 50% of rework costs for every project that usually comprise up 10% of the total project budget.

Although Latista pilot implementation lasted about three months, it greatly improved efficiency of interaction between supervisor, contractor and subcontractors. Latista proved to ensure the quality of technical supervision and inspectors’ day-to-day work. Acting as a single source of information for the project, Latista became a time-saving solution to effectively resolve numerous issues. It allowed Moskapstroy to bring each project team together, giving a strong impulse for further professional training and development.

Due to local regulations it was impossible to completely get rid of the list of deficiencies on paper. Nevertheless, its electronic version made the process of correcting issues prompt and improved inspectors’ and subcontractors’ accuracy and efficiency

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