Seamlessly Connecting All Your Construction Documents

The primary method of communication for construction industry professions is through documents. Whether you are a Project Engineer, QA/QC Inspector, or an electrician simply trying to find the correct circuit diagram, quickly navigating a huge document set can be nearly impossible.  You need to find and view the document quickly, painlessly, and without needing to take the long walk back to the trailer.

Ipad_PDFhyperlinkingMinimize fragmentation with document organization

Reduced fragmentation of information.  All documents and markups are kept in known places, electronically accessible by everyone.

Easily navigate from document to document

With the touch of a finger, the field user can surf from document to document, noting issues and creating markups where needed, even if the document is linked to documents on other repositories.

Sync Changes with your team automatically

When the field user synchronizes their tablet, those documents will show up on the project, ensuring everyone is operating on the latest documents.

The Latista App

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