Latista Field Excels in Many Industries

Overseeing or managing construction projects can be a challenging process whether it’s commercial, residential, civil or any other large engineering project. With Latista Field, contractors and subcontractors are on the same page and up-to-date with all the necessary information. This leads to parties performing work efficiently and effectively, regardless of the type of project.


Quality and commissioning best practices in addition to proper documentation are critical to reducing rework cost and bringing highest quality datacenters to market faster.


Hospital and skilled-nursing facility construction projects are complex and growing rapidly. Strict construction quality control and assurance, and comprehensive commissioning management are essential.

High-Tech Manufacturing

High-tech manufacturing facility construction can require unique structural features systems and tight schedule demands. Deliver projects faster with focus on quality.

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Delays in manufacturing and R&D facility construction can mean millions of dollars in lost product revenue or delays to gaining government approvals. Instituting a quality control program can reduce risk of cost overruns and timeline disruptions.

Sports Facilities

Repeated structural features, such as seating, concessions, equipment storage, and a significant public presence require a high level of collaboration, commissioning, safety and quality tracking.

Mixed-Use Facilities

With multiple purposes and design, mixed-use construction requires tools that can keep all parties on the same page.

Case Studies


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Clark Construction

Nationals Stadium

DPR Construction

Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center for Thornton Hospital