Quality Construction and Commissioning are Critical

Datacenter construction is a complex challenge, and quality and compliance are major concerns for datacenter development executives. Delays or defects in bringing a datacenter facility online, or unplanned datacenter downtime and costly repairs, could mean millions of dollars a day in lost revenue and significant damage to your brand.

Datacenter construction demands unique structural features and systems.

Projects usually require:
  • Tightly scheduled timelines to keep up with market demand
  • High-level of project team collaboration and contractor management
  • Highest commissioning standards and quality assurance
  • Contractors to follow exact processes and procedures

Achieving this level of quality requires the use of the latest cloud and mobile technologies and partnering with a solution provider that has experience in implementing datacenter projects.

The benefits of using Latista Field include:
  • Improved project speed to market with automated processes
  • Reduced mistakes and delays with QA/QC workflows before they affect building commissioning
  • Increased construction quality by standardizing processes and procedures
  • Less dependence on paper with online document management, warranties, and commissioning forms
  • Collaboration and transparency from corporate offices to the jobsite, no matter how remote
  • Quick and easy setup with repeatable standards and libraries
  • Captured best practices that can be applied to multiple job sites to standardize and improve the construction process
  • Proper documentation management to bring the highest quality datacenters to market faster

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