Healthcare Facilities Standards Cannot be Compromised

Hospital and healthcare facility construction is one of the more complex types of projects in construction, requiring strict quality control and assurance, and comprehensive commissioning management.

Healthcare construction demands unique structural features and systems.

Projects usually require:

  • Higher quality and safety standards, and competitive cost-cutting pressures
  • Unique structural features and systems (water/air purification, radiation shielding and electrical) require a high level of collaboration, subcontractor management
  • Safety requirements for sensitive equipment and proper installation
  • Advanced commissioning capabilities and quality management procedures

By using Latista Field, healthcare facility constructors can benefit from:

Increased Control
  • Complex systems means more contractors, specialized systems, equipment and tracking – pen and paper simply can’t keep up
  • Set up inventory system for all materials from large technical equipment to supplies, like linens, gloves and other nursing materials
Greater Visibility
  • Generate inspection reports easily and quickly send to relevant parties
  • Track equipment purchasing, installation, testing and building commissioning from one system
  • Resolve issues and deficiencies faster to expedite building commissioning and qualification
  • Ensure design specifications reach the construction site with BIM viewing capabilities that can render 3D models in the field
  • Keep owners informed of project progress to build trust
  • Communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders to keep the job running at top capacity
  • Set up reports to track progress, issues and identify trouble areas before they cost you money
  • Track compliance to FDA or Federal guidelines and regulations

Latista has helped some of the industry’s largest, most successful healthcare owners and contractors overcome these challenges.

Latista is OSHPD Compliant

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) was created in 1978 to provide California with an enhanced understanding of the structure and function of its healthcare delivery systems.

Today OSHPD is the standard for hospital and skilled nursing facility construction and renovation. Meeting OSHPD standards of construction means you are committed to the highest quality in healthcare construction.

The Latista Field OSHPD-specific workflows include inspection templates and checklists that meet OSHPD requirements. This allows an outside Inspector of Record (IOR) to participate in the quality process and automatically create the documentation needed for state compliance.

By automating this process the documentation needed for state approval is created as the work is being done. The result is higher quality, time savings and more accurate records that can be easily referenced or audited.

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