High-Tech Manufacturing

High-Tech Manufacturing Companies Demand High-Quality

High-Tech manufacturing construction demands the highest quality in production because poor quality and missed deficiencies can surface years after turnover, causing unplanned facility downtime to make costly repairs. Quality best practices, safety, building commissioning and documentation are critical to reducing rework cost and bringing high-tech manufacturing facilities to market faster.

Projects usually require:
  • Adherence to the project schedule to reduce chance of project delay
  • Documentation of construction quality assurance and confirmation of inspection – if it’s not documented, it wasn’t done
  • Validation that systems are checked and documented to be operational as risk increases when faulty systems are detected
  • Copying exact processes and procedures is critical

Latista Field can help high-tech manufacturing companies standardize construction processes and develop a disciplined construction quality control management program.

Some specific benefits for the high-tech manufacturing industry include:
Implement Standardization
  • Standardize workflows, language and processes on one job site, to create templates for future projects
  • Collect best practices and institutionalize them across all your projects
  • Reduce re-work, and accelerate cycle time and a system that is ultimately deployed as expected, with no surprises
  • Establish automated workflows to ensure processes are adhered to
  • Reduce surprises, cost overruns, delays, and frustration

Improve Communications

  • Eliminate communication flaws that can lead to dropped handoffs, ambiguous responsibility and misinformed decisions
  • Drive accountability by clarifying responsibilities with automated issue tracking and communicate resolution

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