Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Highly-Regulated Pharmaceuticals Industry Requires High-Quality Construction

Best practices in construction quality control and proper building commissioning are critical to reducing rework cost, gaining government approvals and bringing the highest quality pharmaceutical facilities to market faster.

Whether building manufacturing or research-and-development (R&D) facilities, commissioning and turnover delays can mean millions of dollars a day in lost product revenue or lost days of valuable research into new treatments.

Government disapproval because of poor quality of construction or improperly documented commissioning can also lead to costly delays and repairs. Scientific facilities have specific requirements, for instance:

  • Pharmaceuticals is a highly regulated industry so compliance during the construction process is paramount
  • Life sciences and pharmaceutical industries are traditionally very cautious and conservative industries which require well documented quality procedures
  • Unique structural features, systems and tight schedule demands require a higher level of project team collaboration, contractor management, commissioning standards and quality assurance

Due to the complexity of R&D and pharmaceutical structures, it’s imperative that the design specifications are strictly adhered to in the field execution of a project. A well-designed facility with excellent specification has no value if the design is not properly translated into construction.

Latista Field is able to offer specific benefits for biotech construction including:

Improve Communications
  • Coordinate input from all stakeholders including owners, architects, engineers and contractors
  • Eliminate communication flaws that can lead to dropped handoffs, ambiguous responsibility and misinformed decisions
  • Drive accountability by clarifying responsibilities with automated issue tracking and communicate resolutions
  • One-stop shop for communications – everyone uses the same system rather than miscellaneous information coming from different sources
Synchronize Inspections
  • Schedule, organize and share inspection reports to allow communications to flow smoothly
  • Automate action report production and distribution to prevent miscues and delays
  • Establish a watch list for issues that require project team attention

The successful completion of a high-quality facility requires the use of the latest cloud and mobile technologies. Latista Field has implemented best practices for some of the world’s largest manufacturing and R&D facility owners and contractors.

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