Mixed-Use Facilities

Mixed-Use Facilities Require Coordinated Construction Activity

In a 2013 survey by the National Association of Realtors, “60 percent of respondents favor a neighborhood with a mix of houses, stores, and other businesses that are within walking distance, rather than neighborhoods requiring driving between home, work, and recreation.”

This demand is fueling the growth of mixed-use construction, which requires integrated and coordinated construction efforts among multiple parties. Mixed-use facilities, by design, bring together many trades, contractors and designers and therefore, make the project more challenging.

Coordinating the work of multiple architects, contractors, and developers on a large scale, mixed-use site is a major undertaking. There may be multiple buildings all going up at the same time. Sharing up-to-date plans and communicating effectively will require a tool like Latista Field.

Project Transparency
  • Put everyone on the same page with access to the same software – with Latista, everyone can have access, even subs
  • Provide documentation consistency – with so much going on in one project, you need to ensure you have all the right documentation
  • Manage versioning with check-in/check-out
Collaboration and Communication
  • With Latista, everyone gets access so even subs can use the same system.
  • Sync documents on demand to mobile devices
  • Work offline or pull documents on-demand
  • Instantly synchronize information to your project team or other mobile users

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