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LATISTA Business Intelligence

LATISTA Business Intelligence
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Quality Management

Organize and implement your project or company-wide quality program in LATISTA. Over 100 quality checklists are provided by LATISTA out of the box. Or customize your own quality forms or checklists with LATISTA’s easy to use Smart Forms technology. Setup and manage daily reports and quality inspections of any type. Setup and customize inspections approvals and workflows for routing and approvals and track progress with dashboards analytical reporting. Manage and pre-schedule inspections with LATISTA’s resources management dashboard.  Automatically notify inspectors or 3rd parties of upcoming inspections via electronic calendar integration. Or conduct ad-hoc inspections on the fly. Completed inspections generate an unchangeable PDF form with the supporting issues including markups, photos and other attachments. Completed inspections are organized and stored automatically by area, system, date, status and user. Exporting all information at the end of a project becomes easy.

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Inspections Management

LATISTA allows you to create and manage inspections of any type for quality, commissioning, safety, punch list and production tracking. Utilize the powerful approvals and workflows engine to organize and manage your inspection processes. You can upload and create inspection forms of any type from a simple checklist to the most complex forms. Easily access, attach and markup documents and photographs. Add issues to inspections when deficiencies are spotted. Completed inspections automatically generate an unchangeable PDF and a complete history of approvals and workflows. Inspection records are automatically stored in LATISTA document management area allows for easy export at the end of the project.

Issues Management

LATISTA’s powerful issues management can help you mange from a few hundred issues to hundred’s of thousands across your company. Create and manage issues of any type for quality, punch lists, commissioning, safety and production tracking. Create and manage RFIs. Utilize LATISTA’s standard workflows by customizing your own to fit your project or company needs. Leverage standard issues for consistency across your project or company. Creating issues is a breeze with LATISTA Mobile or Cloud. Attach marked up plans and drawings, photos, sketches, or any other types of supporting documentation. Issues report are automatically generated and distributed to responsible parties. No need for manual intervention. Responsible parties can log into LATISTA mobile or Cloud accessing only their issues and update only their approved statuses. Keeping track of issues is now easy and organized.

Dashboards and Analytics

Flexible and easy to manage reporting and dashboards provide a picture of project at a glance. End users can select and customize their dashboards to fit their individual needs. Reports for end users and subcontractors are easily customizable. Dig deep into analytical reports about issues, inspections, system usage and more.

Smart Forms

Have you ever wanted to use your nicely formatted Word or PDF document or inspection form and turn it into an easy to complete digital form or checklist? With LATISTA’S Smart Form technology it is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

  1. Upload your PDF form (or Word form converted into a PDF)
  2. Update any fields on your form with drop downs, radio buttons, text boxes and so forth or link a form field to a database, for example contacts. Or generate a checklist view of the same information while retaining your desired form format for output.
  3. Publish the form.

It is that simple. Smart forms generate dynamic field forms data that can be utilized for searching, analysis and export.

Smart Plans Viewer and Markups

Fast rendering speeds and rich mark up tools combined with snapshots or layering offers LATISTA users a complete solution for plans and drawings management. Users can zoom into a specific drawing area and take a snapshot just of that area.  Layering automatically merges markups or annotations from a single document from different mobile or web users. Whether you have two or two hundred users marking up documents, all changes are synchronized and merged together, generating a single view and ability to manage all issues on a single drawing or plan.

Documents Management

Your most current plans and drawings, BIM files, photos, specifications or any document types are always available with LATISTA. Now it’s easier to upload and manage documents, share file, publish and track the contents in real time. Quickly find what you are looking for and then view and markup documents right on your mobile device or the Web. On your mobile device work offline or pull documents on-demand – synchronizing your changes instantly.  Filter your documents by systems, areas, or revisions and check-in and check-out documents creating an instant history. With LATISTA cloud your documents are always automatically backed up and stored.

Subcontractor Management

Subcontractors can access and manage issues or inspections with LATISTA Cloud or Mobile. Subcontractors can only view their assigned issues and mark statuses approved for them. Subcontractors become an integral part of your LATISTA driven process speeding communications and progress of a project.

Approvals and Workflows

Select from predefined or customize approvals and workflows to meet your project or company needs. Inspections requests, routing, approvals and notifications are all automated in LATISTA. Defined user roles control which users can change statuses of issues or approve inspections and reports.



Anyone with a laptop or desktop computer, if authorized, can instantly access information and all features with LATISTA Cloud. End users with permissions can access inspections, issues, dashboards and reports and etc. Administrators can access setup and support tools for end users. Your information and data is automatically saved.


Stay connected while in the field with LATISTA mobile. Work offline or pull documents on-demand. Instantly synchronize information to your project team or other mobile users.  Create issues and inspections, generate workflows, access documents and create markups, take photos or check reports no matter where you.

LATISTA supports Apple iPad and Microsoft Windows Tablet hardware platforms or a combination of both.

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