Construction Design Review

Traditional construction design review methods are tedious. Effective construction design review is critical for key stakeholders to validate the design-build process. With Latista, the process is streamlined and paperless. All key stakeholders work with the same documents, the same goals, and the same time. Capture and document concerns early in the project and avoid costly changes during construction.

Streamline the Process
  • Manage thousands of design issues directly on your project drawings
  • Notify reviewers that a design is available
  • Provide a link back to a master set of documents for easy access
  • Reconcile comments from different reviewers
  • Track the disposition of each comment to ensure it is adequately addressed and incorporated into the next design phase, or reject with proper justification
Get the Job Done
  • Mark up docs with annotations and comments
  • Overlay annotations on master document sets
  • Compare items side-by-side and identify duplicates
  • Define a custom workflow for design issues
  • Ensure fixes inform next design phase

The Latista App

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